Ad Policy

LocalQuoter’s mission is to provide people with reliable, real-life, evidence-based health information from the nation’s leading healthcare providers, alongside personal patient perspectives and insights on how to live their healthiest lives. Revenue generated through advertising allows LocalQuoter to pursue this goal by inspiring and empowering those who use it every day—and for you to be able to do so as well!
However, we maintain a strict policy of content separation between editorial and advertising material, and never allow advertisers to influence editorial content.


If the material is not clearly marked as being sponsored, it’s safe to assume that it is entirely editorial.
LocalQuoter is committed to providing you with high-quality original content. All of the advertising and sponsored articles (“Ad Content”) on LocalQuoter are created in partnership with an advertiser who has financial interests related directly or indirectly to the results of their ads appearing on this site; however, we take steps to ensure that users will not confuse the marketers’ influence for actual authoritative review copies coming directly from them.

The LocalQuoter team is dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our users. We do not allow any third parties, including advertisers who offer sponsorships, to influence our content. All advertising on this site will be clearly labeled, allowing you to make your own decisions.