Examining the 10 Principal Symptoms of Morquio Syndrome

Symptom 2. Skeletal Anomalies: The Unseen Challenges of Morquio Syndrome

Skeletal Anomalies The Unseen Challenges of Morquio Syndrome

Morquio Syndrome presents itself with an array of skeletal anomalies. These anomalies aren’t just about appearance; they come with their own set of challenges, affecting the everyday lives of individuals with this condition.

A person with Morquio Syndrome has a unique physical appearance, largely due to the abnormalities in their skeletal system. This includes a curved spine, known as kyphoscoliosis, and an unusually large head, or macrocephaly. While these physical traits are noticeable, they are just the tip of the iceberg.

The chest of a person with Morquio Syndrome may be broad, and the neck shorter than average. This, in combination with the large head, contributes to the distinct physical appearance of individuals with this condition. It’s a reflection of the unique skeletal structure formed by the condition.


The anomalies aren’t limited to the upper body. The lower body, specifically the legs, also exhibits abnormal bone development. Individuals with Morquio Syndrome often have knock knees, medically known as genu valgum. This leads to an unusual walking style, further contributing to the physical distinctiveness. (2)

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