10 Warning Signs of Kidney Stones in Men: What You Need to Know

Sign 2. Painful Urination

Painful Urination

Kidney stones can cause pain or a burning sensation during urination. This discomfort, known as dysuria, can make the process of passing urine challenging and painful. The pain may be mild at first but can become more intense as the stone moves closer to the bladder.

The burning sensation typically occurs as the stone passes through the ureter and enters the bladder. It can also be felt when the stone exits the bladder and moves through the urethra, the tube that carries urine out of the body.

In some cases, the pain may be accompanied by a persistent urge to urinate or difficulty starting or stopping the flow of urine. These symptoms can cause significant distress and disrupt daily activities.

If you experience painful urination along with other kidney stone symptoms, it’s crucial to seek medical attention. A healthcare professional can help determine the cause of your discomfort and recommend appropriate treatment options.(2)

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